Geany Newsletter #1



Welcome to the first Geany newsletter with highlights of the last few weeks during Geany development and use. This newsletter is not intended to give a complete overview of Geany news, but is trying to collect the most important items. Have fun and happy coding!

Geany 0.20 has been released

On January 2011, the 6th version 0.20 of Geany "Disra" was released. As always the release contained a number of bug fixes as well as improvements and new features. Some of the highlights:

  • Improve compatibility with GVfs using GIO to save documents (Alexey Antipov).
  • Fix occasional crashes when closing a modified document and choosing "Save".
  • Reorganize Find in Files dialog and add Files pattern to filter search results.
  • Show mimetype icon in sidebar Documents list and notebook popup menu (Colomban Wendling).
  • Add per-document indent width setting (Jiri Techet).
  • Fix passing quoted arguments when using "Send Selection to". This means e.g. sed ’s/./(dot)/g’ now works.
  • Add alternative color scheme based on Python colors (View-Editor-Color Schemes - not all filetypes supported yet).
  • Auto-indent after an HTML/XML line without a closing tag (Eugene Arshinov).
  • Add Forth filetype (Thomas Huth).
  • Add Lisp filetype (Mário Silva).
  • Add Erlang filetype (Taylor Venable).
  • Add translations: kk.
  • Update translations: cs, de, en_GB, es, fi, fr, hu, ja, nl, pt, sl, sv, tr, zh_CN.

Geany-Plugins 0.20 have been released

Shortly after the release of Geany the Geany-Plugins collection was released with version 0.20. This collection includes a number of useful plugins, not shipped with Geany itself. This release is the result of about 6 months of development work and so it has quite a number of changes and some new plugins:

New plugins


UpdateChecker implements a check for new releases of Geany and notifies the user when one is available. It’s based on libsoup and can be configured to check during startup or on request.


WebHelper is a plugin that provides some web development facilities, such as a web page preview and some debugging tools (web inspector). The plugin implements the following features:

  • A basic web view, allowing the display of any web page (using WebKit);
  • Possible automatic reloading of the web view upon document saving;
  • A web inspector/debugging tool for the web view’s content (including a JavaScript console, a viewer and editor of processed HTML and CSS, a network usage analysis tool and many more, thanks to WebKit).

Updates & Bugfixes

Also there have been a lot of bugfixes and updates on plugins. For further details please check the Release notes and/or the ChangeLog of plugins. A few selected changes are:


  • Respect "Smart" home key (Geany does now).
  • Fixed Scintilla Shift+movement key conversion of rectangle selection.
  • Virtual spaces support.
  • Per-file column mode.
  • Added "Set Anchor", "Select to Anchor" and "Rectangle Select to Anchor".


  • Bump dependency on CTPL to 0.3.
  • Add a popup menu for common actions in the documentation type selector.
  • Fix indentation of inserted documentation blocs.
  • Documentation type now defaults to Doxygen (rather than nothing).
  • Add policy PASS to completely ignore a symbol.
  • Add basic rules for PHP.
  • Fix build against GTK+ 2.16.
  • Don’t copy the system configuration file to the user’s one when hitting "Edit Current Language Configuration", only write it when saving changes.


  • Move LaTeX-menu to a separate menu inside Geany main menu.
  • Add a feature to auto-capitalize letters on typing the beginning of a sentence.
  • Add a way to put an icon for LaTeX-wizard into Geany’s main toolbar.
  • Added a dialog for inserting BibTeX references based on available *.bib- files.


  • Added bookmarks support.
  • Added keybindings support.
  • Added mime type icons in the tree.
  • Many bugfixes and code improvements.


After the 0.20 release the development has slowed down a bit but nevertheless, some changes did happen:

Update to Scintilla 2.22

Right after the release of Geany 0.20 with Subversion r5521 an updated version of Scintilla was been merged from the unstable branch into trunk. Geany trunk is now running with version 2.22 of the Scintilla editing component.

Further patches

Support for COBOL

At the end of January 2011 a patch was committed to Geany trunk which enabled COBOL support inside Geany. Now it’s possible to use features like syntax highlighting for this language.


It was a quite active time right after the 0.20 release on the plugin development side.

New plugins to Geany-Plugins-project


After a little chaos with naming, the new plugin Tableconvert was added to the development version of the Geany-Plugins. It offers a way to convert tab separated lists (e.g. imported from Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc) into a table. Currently the plugin supports HTML and LaTeX tables.


The Debugger plugin has added a second binding for gdb to the Geany-Plugins project.


With GeanyPG Hans Alves submitted a new plugin to geany-plugins project which adds support for signing, encrypting and decryption of text files opened in Geany.

Geany Universe

New Mailing List – geany-newsletter-commits

When the geany-newsletter project was started, a new commit mailing was created. The goal of this list is to notify all interested people whenever a new commit has taken place inside the geany-newsletter git repository. As always you can find the list via

New team member – Colomban Wendling

In March 2011, Colomban Wendling joined the Geany core team. Over the last few years he has submitted a lot of patches. He did a great job during the last month - e.g. building up a tagmanager-in-memory patchset as well as providing a big number of patches and providing support on both the mailing list as well as IRC. Welcome Colomban!

Geany local

Geany at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2011 (March 19th, 20th)

On the coming weekend (around March 19th, 20th) there will be a local Linux and FOSS convention in Chemnitz, Germany. Some of the Geany guys will be around and have a little booth at the event. So if you are nearby, come join us for a chat. You will find us next to the Xfce guys. Details for this convention can be find on their homepage at

Let us introduce you....

This section is intended to introduce particular plugins or features on a regular basis.

Plugin Focus

File Browser

The File Browser plugins adds to the sidebar a tab with which you can browser files and folders. By default it shows the contents of the folder containing the first file opened in Geany. You can navigate to other drives and folders using any of the options available at the very top of the tab:

  • Up: Navigates to one folder higher in the file system.
  • Home: Navigates to your Home folder.
  • Set path from document: Sets the active folder to the one containing the current active document.
  • Folder input box: Here you can enter any path you want to see in the File Browser. As you type the path it will offer autocompletion of the folder’s name.

Also at the top of the tab is the Filter input box in which you can enter a file specification of those files you want to appear in the File Browser. The file specifications must be quite simple - e.g. g*.py or *.xml. Regular expressions are not supported. To clear the filter either click on the icon at the right of the Filter input box or empty the Filter box and press [Enter].

Feature Focus

Comments formatting

When writing source code or in a markup language, it’s often necessary to mark one or more lines as a comment. Geany offers several functions from the Edit -> Format sub-menu which make this very easy:

  • Comment Line(s)
  • Uncomment Line(s)
  • Toggle Line Commentation

To use these options on a single line, put the cursor on that line and select the menu option. To use them on a block of code, select the whole block then select the menu option. The Toggle Line Commentation menu option will, as its name suggests, add comment markers to a normal line/section of code and, if the line/section is already a comment, remove the comment markers. What’s great about these options is that they insert or remove the comment markers applicable to the type of file being edited. This means that you can focus on the content of what you’re editing instead of having to worry about getting the comment markers right. This is precisely Geany’s aim: to make coding easier and faster without getting in your way.


If you like to contribute to the newsletter, make a request or complaint about content please contact via email.